Pets and Weather

I’m getting a little sick of Facebook and their algorithm that shows the most ‘popular’ things at nausum.  In a way, I didn’t mind it before because I would at least see the big thing going on in someone’s world, but recently, it is a spotlight on whatever new trainwreck we are all arguing about!  There are already ways for me to be alerted instantly if someone commented on something I comment on, I don’t need to ONLY see the argument posts because I’m missing what I loved about the site; normal friends doing normal stuff.

As with other difficult times, you look for things you can talk about without offending too many people and long ago I found that pets and weather were the true winners. Lucky for me, this is a week that I can happily add to the ridiculousness of the world by discussing my tiny dog.

I mentioned that the dog needed a serious groom and the word ‘naked’ was used and wow they were not wrong.

But now I get to make dog sweaters!  Here is a nice hack for anyone with a tiny dog – take a sock, cut off the toe for the head hole and cut a slit (or two holes if you like) in the heel for the front legs and vola! Tiny dog sweater.



She now looks even more tiny, lets compare her to some things:

kitchen scale and entree-sized storage container


willing to bet her collar is 1oz.  I do wish I had a before weight to see how much hair she had

and since it is cookie season (nearly over by the way) here she is in a case of thin mints



and just because I wondered if she would fit, here she is in a box of peanut butter sandwich cookies



I cut the bottom to put it on over her back because she is shorter than the box and I didn’t want to hurt her.  


She is annoyed at me at the moment because of the box thing so I can’t take a picture of her in an actual teacup…

Now I must get back to the rest of the day.  Hope you are having a happy Monday!



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