Normal program

I got back to MN in good order and promptly got back into the swing of things, kinda.  My break from routine continued because kids were off Monday (why would they go to school on a Monday?!?) so here I am on a pretend Monday, doing the Monday things.  The only real victim of my trip is the dog who was already on the knotty side but now is an absolute mess from getting no grooming for a week and frolicking in the snow and air drying into a brillo pad so today she is getting a serious haircut.  The groomer used the word ‘naked’ and suggested she will need a sweater.  Can’t wait to see this.

Part of me wants to stay checked out on the news because every place I look it is a series of serious problems that I can’t really do much about other than worry.  I live in an area that has guns because people here hunt, I have girls who will have to navigate the #metoo world and both what created it and what it will evolve into.  I am doing my best to keep them prepared but not paranoid and that is a very hard line to walk.

The best thing over the past few days (other than coming home) was the opportunity to watch a few things and read a few things;

Olympics!  Niamh is a BIG FAN and wants to watch every night.  It is on a bit late for her but so far so good.  Since we cut the chord (no cable) we have an old-fashioned antenna and it actually works really well.  The only problem is no pause or rewind and we have to watch live so timing is a factor.  Compared to the last Olympics where we had hours and hours stored and we never watched it – I don’t think the ‘now or never’ proposition is hurting us.

A bribe for Fiona to be good for the week was to go to a ‘real’ movie in a theater.  Sunday we looked at the options and the sorry sorry options for kids and I really wanted to see Jumanji because I love 2 of the actors in it so we did our research and then showed the preview to the kids and everyone was on board.  Finally, finally, we got to see a movie as a family that we all actually wanted to see.  Fiona loved when the hippo ate the guy.  It was a very good family movie and the fact that they were in a video game with 3 lives made it easier for the kids.

Last week I asked for some book recommendations and got a plethora from my friends.  I downloaded one described as ‘laugh out loud funny’ and she was absolutely right.  A walk in the Woods is a fantastic little book.  I’m not quite done but it is a fun mix of real experience of hiking, observational humor, and the history and biology of the trail.  I’m coming away with a decent increase in knowledge of the subject.   A boyfriend and I hiked a chunk of the trail over a weekend and it was just enough to know what the author is talking about, and, also a belated apology to the boyfriend who was telling me we were not at the camping spot when I pointed out a perfectly fine camping spot.  Apparently, the AP trail is pretty rules orientated about camping in the shelter areas and there was no shelter near where we were, however, it was July and it was very hot and I was done with wandering around in the woods. (I just spent 15min looking for the pictures I took, I know I took a roll of film and developed it, but I don’t have it anymore).  I’m glad the book is more than just a diary of the trail and also not just a guide book of the area, together the two topics play nicely together and I’m looking forward to finishing it today.

I need to get back on schedule to roll the ball forward.  I need to do more for the school and check in on the builder and get this house ready for market and prep for the trip we are taking as well as keep up on the girl scout cookies and normal things in life.  So that is what I’ll be on about over the next few weeks – back to my regular (not so regular) life.


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