Second hand happiness

This weekend was our premier Air B&B experience and now that it is done, I actually feel pretty good about it.  Everyone was nice, everyone was happy, we got a bunch of the positives of people staying but the added bonus of being happy for the thing they are happy about.  Our crew was all for the super bowl, they were rooting for the underdog but they actually won!  The fact that it made them sooooo happy really made me happy in reflection.

This weekend was also cookie go day where the kids could sell cookies.  Niamh loves cookies, seeing her sell cookies is another second hand happy.  She is good at it, she is sweet and happy and just has something about her that makes people say ‘sure’ and then she tells them  “5 for $20” and then they say “that sounds like a deal” and proceed to pick 5…  I need to do an inventory but she has done pretty well for the amount of time she has had.

I’m pretty glad to have the happiness around me because otherwise, it would have been a kinda bad weekend.  That is why we get out and do things, experiences – even second hand – are the best.



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