Air B&B update – day 1

We are still alive!  ha ha, I really had no fear but I know one or two of you out there were worried.

They arrived yesterday fairly late, perfectly post bedtime so no need to choose between putting the kids to bed or being a hostess.  We knew they were from NJ and I bet Lars and Konrad that they could find a mutual thing in 5 min or less.  I won my bet.  The younger guy is living in the town Lars went to college in and his dad works in Newark so Konrad and he swapped ‘crazy Newark’ stories.



cozy cot in the closet


Niamh enjoyed bunking in our closet.  The upside to all our moving declutter and pre-cleaning is that she could easily fit in the closet.  I didn’t enjoy Niamh’s wake-up alarm at 6:30 but hey, getting a jump on the day isn’t a bad thing.  I pre-cooked muffins and set up coffee stuff so breakfast service was pretty easy.  They actually slept in (or hid?) but when I was back from kid drop off they were on the way out to Superbowl festivities at the Mall.

Tomorrow we gain 2 more guests, 2 ladies from PA.  I decided to stick with advertising for just one team to not start anything between guests.

In other news, cookie selling season starts tomorrow!  The kids got links for online ordering and once we ‘go live’ I’ll stick them up here just in case you would like to support the kids you have seen grow up here on the internet.


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