Archive | January 3, 2018

2018 – year of the house

I just looked back and I made zero attempts at resolutions or goals last year.  Can’t exactly say that was a bad idea, I seldom remember resolutions too long but I do a decent job at small constant changes.   I also didn’t have any major plans last year as of Jan1.  I knew about the short summer and the impending milestone of 3 kids in school but otherwise, all the major things that actually ended up happening were surprises.  That is how life goes I suppose.


2018 has a few things to shape it;

  • March we are going to a big SCA event in Mississippi because it fits perfectly with the kids school break.
  • our house building project is getting real.  We had a bit of a false start with plan #1 so we are on plan #2 and hopefully will be in the permit stage.  House is going to be a major theme of the year.
  • house selling or renting will also be a thing.
  • Packing, I should probably put packing an entire house and 10+ years of stuff on the list.  Glad I started already!
  • Summer will be extra long and I’m thinking of what to do, but, house/move/pack timeline will dictate.
  • I would like to find a bit more work both for the income and for the satisfaction of it.  Not full time but maybe a few consulting projects during the school year.
  • I may end up running for school board.  This is a maybe, we will see later in the year.

So I have some short-term goals of prepping for events and getting this house ready to pass on, and, longer-term ones like building a house and progressing my career.  Everything else that may happen I’m ready for but you just can’t plan for the unexpected.