I love that we share

Over last week as I put things back on track from Thanksgiving and aimed ourselves at Christmas I put in a solid baking day because while we are flush with pies, we are in a tragic cookie deficit.

Our family favorite cookie is one that my sister found on the internet and shared with me.  It is tasty, pretty simple, and the kids adore it.  When I wrote out the recipe ages ago I labeled it “Aunt Josie Cookies” and that is how they are known here.  As I was mixing them up I was thinking about how lucky I am to have been raised in a family with no ‘secret recipes’.  If anyone makes anything they will tell you exactly how with zero reservations.  I know that to be a bit unique in the world where people guard their recipes and ingredients.  However, with things like Pinterest and the internet, there are so many great recipes shared that I’m hopeful that the world is moving more in that direction.

You can use this ‘open ip’ concept for so many things but I’m particularly glad that I can trust that my sister found a great recipe just like she trusted my chicken pie that I also got from a friend.  Sharing good food and the ability to make good food I think just makes the world a better place so extra big thanks to all the food bloggers out there paving the way.



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