Dear Body

Dear Body

First of all, thanks for hanging in there and doing all I ask.  I know it has been a lot, with all the waking up early, staying up late and my insistence on working out (it’s for our own good).  It has been a stressful few months and before that, we weren’t exactly taking it easy.  There were tons of camping trips where I hauled pounds of canvas up and down and slept on subpar support.

Overall you are doing fine, actually well above average.  You can lift, you can run, you can go up and down stairs and sit on the floor with no trouble.  I give you mental hugs everytime I am able to do things that I know many people of my size/gender/age can’t.

I suppose we have reached some sort of a limit because Sunday the germs got us.  Kudos for still doing what we ask this week, even if it is a bit slower and through a fog of congestion.  Today though you sent a very clear message when I was doing an absolutely normal side plank something went wrong with my right shoulder.  Are you telling me we need to slow down?  Take a break?  I’m not sure how I feel about that…  We have stuff to do!

Given your great record up to this point, I’ll let this one slide and we will take it easy and maybe even ice it or something.  I did take some advil but I still get pains from you when I move it around for normal things like installing some coat hooks so the kids have a place for their jackets that isn’t the floor.

We are in this together for the long haul.  This will be a minor break to beat the germs and let the shoulder stop hurting and we will get going again soon.

Much love



2 responses to “Dear Body”

  1. thislovelydayca says :

    Take good care of you! You deserve an amazing future❤️


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