13th day in a row

Not quite halfway through the month but in my planning world I basically didn’t even consider the day after the election.  The time between Aug 30 and Nov 7 was detailed and dedicated and Nov 8 on was “unplanned”.  That isn’t exactly fair, I did hear my parents say they were coming to visit for Thanksgiving and I did agree to a driving plan for Christmas but the fact that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK somehow dawned today since I slipped through a 3 month time fold.

I’m glad to have this week to catch up and possibly get ahead.  The campaign is getting wrapped tonight so this is the last meeting for that project.  It might happen that the next project starts shortly so I’m not going to resign myself to a life of leisure quite yet.  Tomorrow I plan on talking to my kid’s teachers and getting details on things I can write grant applications for.  If the community at large doesn’t care to take care of kids I’m going to make sure that my 3 get every advantage possible.

Hero’s run toward the problem right?


And since posts are better with pictures, here is a picture of the world famous largest boot.  It is impressively big.img_4569


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