Be your own Super Hero!

One of the groups I’m really happy to be a part of is our local Moms club.  It has evolved over the years and so has my interaction with it.  At one point I was ‘that mom’ with 3 kids under 5 and now I’m a different ‘that mom’ with 3 small people I keep track of but don’t have to manually operate (much).  Regardless, if you are home with kids and need some friends to talk diapers with, or, your kids are in school and you need a reason to have coffee with friends – look into a MOMS club near you.

The current president had a fabulous idea for getting the word out locally.   She got our club a booth at one of the Art in the Park farmer’s markets.  We didn’t sell anything, we actually made our space into a mini kid zone because markets can be really frustrating with kids in tow.  For one of the dates I was able to ask our favorite internet source for crafts and fun stuff; Oriental Trading, to provide some activities.  In return, they get this lovely post and our honest playtesting results.

I let the Prez go crazy with the catalog and she choose the theme of superhero (that is one of the pregrouped themes on the site for).  Once you pick a theme things are so easy to pull together and with one hand feeding a toddler, she clicked and clicked a cart full of superhero items in no time. superhero event.jpg

The day of the event was perfect.  I stopped by to help and kids were decorating masks and playing superhero.  She made use of the bookmarks in a rather unique way – she printed out the club info onto cardstock the same size and shape and tied them together to hand out to moms.  I know at least 2 ladies joined and plenty of fun was had by all.


Thank you, Oriental Trading Company for partnering with kids and parents and bloggers like me!


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