That’s it

For me, this is over.  For now at least.  Facebook is full of people either scrambling for a compromise or a sunny side, or, dancing around saying they are tired of paying for things.  I’m out.  I tried.

Apparently, I live in a town with a disgustingly consistent no group.  On day one we were told there would be about 5,000 no votes.  Final tally; 5648.  The yes vote was not insignificant (4179) but it was not enough and overall only 28% or 32% (depending on what registered voter number is actually right in the end) even voted.

So really Forest Lake lost.  The people who think everything was a scare tactic because ‘everything is fine’ are like the people depending on herd immunity – other people have been working their buts off to make sure the kids don’t suffer.  The people who claim mismanagement (but won’t say how) say the district should budget better.  I hope the district compels them to sit in on budget meetings for their ‘help’.  The vast majority who are saying today things like “I have no idea why they need money?” “was there a vote?”  are just people I don’t want to deal with and they are 7 of every 10 people I see.

I’m torn between wanting to find the next solution option and waiting for things to epically fail so it is easier to show why funding is needed.

I gained a few friends.  I lost my optimism about this town.


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