Time change

Never a great weekend if we get an extra hour or lose one.  I seriously wish we could just have one or the other.

This weekend was a blend of activities.  Yesterday with the rally that was more a party for those who have been supporters of the campaign.  I think it is important to have celebrations of work done and to see the entire community of support because most people only ever see a little slice.

The big negative was that I left my pocketbook there!  In all the cleaning and long goodbyes I just left it behind.  Lars was driving and my phone was in my pocket so I just didn’t notice!  Now I get to figure out how to get it back…  I know it is safe, just locked up in an airplane hangar whose owner is up in the wilderness enjoying hunting opening.

Today was more get things done.  Halloween is officially put away in boxes and it is on my list to bring those boxes out to the car to get out to storage.  Zoe and I did things at home and Lars and the other girls did the Costco so we are a little ahead of things at the moment.  Plans are to meet friends for swimming (kids) and yoga (adults) at the gym in a couple hours so I am getting a jump on laundry and attempting to reprogram my appetite to the new time change.

Never said daily blogging would be exciting 🙂  It is happening though so there is that.


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