Swedish Death Cleaning

I read an article a few weeks ago on the practice of divesting yourself of the things you don’t need in the next stage of life.  Right now I’m working on that by sorting out and giving away baby stuff (keeping a few for those who have requested, don’t worry) because wouldn’t it be crazy if when I’m 95 and died peacefully in my sleep surrounded by my kids and grands and greats – what a kick in the pants would it be if they then had to figure out what to do with 15+ boxes of baby clothing from the early 2000’s and a bunch of epically expired baby car seats.

I’m not a minimalist, I save and reuse and repurpose, but even I can see the point in sizing right for the next phase of life.

The inspiration for this post is a set of friends that have taken the ‘when I die’ to the next level and set up a crazy scenario that they will leave no instructions further than “if you have the garage code you are welcome to it, first come first served”.  They don’t have kids and they do have a very very extensive collection of hobby specific things.  They really are joking (I hope!) but it is causing some fun plans to be made.  Since I live close I’ve been tasked with getting there fast, blocking the driveway to prevent others from pulling in, and waiting for backup to arrive.

It does raise the real question – what do your heirs do with your hobby stuff?  If you die in your prime you had no time for the Swedish Death process.  I am lucky that my kids and parents actually both share in the hobby so I/we/they know the value of the things and I think we could take care of things but what about a hobby not shared by your family?

I suppose there is a spectrum from itemizing your household goods individually in a will to authorizing a free for all…

Ok, just got the email I was waiting for so I need to run.  If you have more ideas for hobby distribution upon your death let me know, I love hearing new things.  I don’t think there is a further spot on the order/chaos line though, I think my friends have just cemented that end.


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