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Black and white 

Day 6. At this point you know the rules…

Black and White 

Day 5, no people, no explanation; my life

Last week of NaBloPoMo

I semi wish this month was a different month…  November gets so full of Thanksgiving that I don’t feel like I fulfill the spirit of the project even if I do post daily.  Seriously, doing things by routine is one of my strong suits, once I get into the habit I can keep it going for years.  Just look at this blog overall: years and years and years.

Over the past 7 days, my parents were in town and we celebrated the holiday and also just had family time.  Lars was also able to take time off so we could do things all at one time.  The upside of all that togetherness is that we did some fun things like go to the zoo and explore the cool geography and geology of the ‘pothole’ area where everyone could climb and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.  IMG_0890.JPG


We also did plenty of normal things like cooking and shopping and taking turns finding the counter from under all the cooking 🙂 Plenty of playing games and reading and enjoying a vacation atmosphere. I also took the parents to see our future homesite (current field formally full of corn) and we looked at a model home from the same builder and poured over our building plans.


It is always sad to return them to the airport but the timing ended up perfect to just get home and go relax and go to bed.  Today is a new week with no serious plans so I hope to get caught up on all the things I didn’t do last week and need to get ready for the extravaganza of Christmas. I am getting my supplies for homemade Christmas items, by mid-week I should be ready for production.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday just caught me flat because I’m just not positive what we need or want.  Anything we bring into the house I KNOW has to be packed and moved in the near future so that leaves me not wanting much for myself or for the kids (the kids have a different opinion on that…)

Christmas cards and other photo projects are on my mind too.  I am ever looking for just the right picture of all of us.  All three girls were sitting so nicely in the indoor garden we went to that I tried for a candid and I think I go it – totally going on the Christmas card.img_4620

So now I dive into the holiday things and all the normal things and not to mention the election things that I need to wind in a new direction.  I’m looking forward to doing all the things, and, super happy that the weather is decent so I can do the garage.



I’m not even sure what day it is but my parents are here 🙂