October already?

My time hop has been reminding me that it is time to plan Halloween.  No grand family theme this year, we are not even positive what Fiona wants to be yet.

Niamh in her years’ long love of the Greek gods would like to be Artimus.  Easy!  I can just make garb, add a few accessories, and possibly a “Hi, my name is” badge.

Zoe would like to be a police officer.  I am not sure why but she does.  She now super wants to do it once Lars volunteered to be a criminal that she can chase and arrest.

Fiona is still quite unsure and we might just go to the store and look around.  I think she should go as Dorothy so Prima can be her accessory but she has never even seen the movie.

Overall they are on the easy side and I’m glad because this campaign takes up quite a bit of time.  I am enjoying it overall, the planning is going well, people are responding positively.  The proof will come on election day though and I seriously hope we made the impact I feel like we are making.

Finding time to get a good post is proving impossible so I’m going to try short ones for a bit and see if that is easier.  who knows!


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