Checking in

Hi again

Yes – still here.  When I realized yesterday that I had not even called my mom in a week I know that I’m behind in communication.  I’ve definitely been doing things though, I feel like I’m living a dual life – the mom/wife/friend part and the voteYes campaign leader.  Working them around each other is a trick, but not harder than any working mom and maybe easier because I really do believe in this cause.

VoteYes – I have a meeting 2 evening a week and various impromptu meetings in the day to plan.  Like any meeting, I leave with a giant list to get done or follow up.  Good thing I have experience with projects because this one is just like many other.  There are really good people I’m working with and people that I need to pry info out of and people that turn on a dime.  Once you get the feel for whats going on predicting isn’t that hard but it is a job that will eat all the time if you let it.

The biggest thing that I’m loving about running a campaign is that I’m finding out about a whole new world that has been around me the whole time.  I’m meeting all sorts of people and learning about what they are doing to help the town or the city or the world.  I joke that I’ve bought into a social-positive investment fund where people who love schools meet people who love the police and people who love sidewalks and parks.  I never thought that I would be having a conversation about how to help our town while floating on what may be the coolest water craft for 100 miles.


On the home front; I’m actually on top of laundry!  That is like my litmus test for how things are going and with some extra time in the day and some self-motivation, the house things are actually getting in order.  I’m chunking the garage into 1/2 hour forays and attempting to keep a running list of what needs to  be done.  The positive for staging our house and having half the ‘stuff’ in storage is that it is actually pretty easy to get everything put away.  The negative is that I miss that stuff and need it!  I have a date that I’m actually looking forward to with vacationMom to reorg the storage unit so we have access to what we might need and then we go out for sushi.

Kids; I feel that I’ve outsourced my kids.  They are at school and loving it.  There are complaints but nothing out of the ordinary and they hop out of the car joyfully every morning.  I can see each of them growing more into themselves.  Niamh is a blend of extremely independent but still, needs us.  Zoe is seeing more and more of the big picture.  Fiona is getting to the point where she knows how things are going to go and that fits are not really getting her anywhere.  With jujitsu 2 nights a week, they have more dad time than ever and good thing because that is when I’m sticking my voteYes meetings.  They are also still a little crazy.  Fiona finally checked the family bucket list of ‘cut your own hair’, it isn’t the worst but she does have a bit of a scissors compulsion.  She is also enamored with tattoos and likes to make them on herself with a sharpie.  Again, could be worse, she is at least drawing stuff you recognize.  img_4121

SCA; with everything else I’m not sure how, but, we are more active than we have been in years!  Lars took on a new group of students, all are awesome people (who also come with spouses and families we like too) that I’m happy to have around so half to support them and half motivated by them we are doing more again.  It certainly helps that the kids are getting so much better at managing themselves at an event AND we have our borrowed teen who we bring with and she is the 3rd set of eyes.  The SCA is also a drama fest at times, I don’t love all the things that get tossed around on facebook but a dynamic group is made of lots of types of people.


A bunch of our SCA crew took on valley fair and it was great!

Workout; Thanks to vacation mom we are actually doing a couple workouts a week.  Right now I’m running to the Y.  Might as well while the weather is nice, and, we still live close enough.  I’m not lifting as heavy as I was, its a process, and I’m happy to have the company doing it too.  We are also doing a great little arms workout, we will see if we have results someday.


Moving; on semi-hold still.  This weekend talking to builders while also taking the opportunity to spruce up our siding thanks to some fun hail in July.  I am glad we are in a state that won’t see a hurricane ever, hail is nothing in comparison!  I think we are also getting a roof?  Talking to insurance…  Always a fun topic and great for my adult points for the week.

Prima; The dog is still a dog, she is still a mini and loves to be treated like a stuffed animal.  The kids carry her, she sleeps in my lap, she comes to school every morning and is adored by many many children.  She isn’t the best at learning stuff, we are currently working on sit.  On the bright side, she can’t jump high enough to get onto the furniture so that is a plus all around.img_3927

That is about it for this week.  I’m so busy all day I fall asleep almost instantly!



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