I love time hop and ‘memories’ on FB

Yes, we should all live now and all look to the future but I really love seeing what we have done.

Today memories on facebook popped up a picture of me at a wedding from 5 years ago.  I was 3 months post-Fiona birth, I had just started staying home full time.  The wedding was for my husbands BFF who was marrying a woman I kinda knew.  We had been living in MN for long enough that while he and Lars were still great friends, they had each grown different social groups and this wedding was an exercise for me in meeting 90% new people and seeing a few faces I knew from when we lived on the east coast.

Looking through the pictures today, 5 years later, soooo much has changed.  The obvious ones I didn’t need Facebook or Time hop to show me; there are pictures of my girls at 0, 3 and 5 – the youngest in those pictures is the same age as the oldest was.  I’m in better shape now, Lars didn’t have a beard, every adult looks a shade younger….


Niamh; 5 Zoe; 2

The really cool thing about this string of pictures is that now I’m WAY closer to so many more people in those pictures.  When the couple ended up moving here to MN from NJ we got to know them again and that cascaded into finding relationships with people in those pictures that I probably never would have seen again.  I didn’t even know the brides parents at the wedding, now I’ve had Thanksgiving with them 2x and seen them for a handful of other events.  People in the crowd I remember having a passing acquaintance with are now people I’ve hung out with every day for a week multiple times, or, just ended up friends with them on Facebook and ‘know’ them now.

There are sad parts too.  There are at least 2 sets of people in those pictures we just don’t ever see.  Their lives went a different way and there were a few bad interactions such that it isn’t really worth the effort to repair or keep up.  I’m a little sad by that, but, I still feel the positive balance since I have grown to know so many others because of this wedding.


It was actually an extra big memory weekend because that first wedding will always be linked to the other wedding of friends from here who married a month after, and, this weekend was their first son’s baptism.  There was the same great feeling of actually knowing people that are in someone else’s family.  I can’t claim real friendship with some of their friends because they are from their past and they live far away now, but, I have seen them often enough to be happy when I see them now and I’m really glad I know them at all.  They represent our ‘new’ friends, people we completely met after we moved and had no link back to the east coast.  New is a relative term though because I’ve known the both since before Lars and I were married, since before any children.  At one time we saw them every weekend and now with kids things changed but we still see them pretty often.

This is kinda a sentimental review of the weekend but it works.  We also went to the zoo, and to keep with the theme, we sat there and reflected how awesome it was to go to the zoo with zero gear.  No stroller, no bag of snacks, we didn’t need to keep track of any lovie and we didn’t need to keep our eyes glued to them since they are really great at playing in an area and coming back when to check in.  Our Zoo is basically half playground with animal exhibits interspersed but that is fine by us – a great way to spend a few hours on a gorgeous late summer afternoon.

Today is Labor Day.  A random holiday that a least has very little traditional hoopla for me so generally enjoyable.  There is no school and I had no real plans but my oldest daughter must have been learning all the while; she created a party for the day.  She actually gave good thought to inviting people for her sisters too so it is a massive group play date. She text invited everyone (I did confirmation and follow ups).  She has a treasure hunt she wants to do and a menu and if I could get her to actually tidy the house for guests this would be almost no work for me.  I see that in my future though, there will be parties in my house that I’m a guest at.  To limit the ‘fun’ I put a 2-hour limit, if things go longer when parents come back for their kids that is fine, but, baby steps into the party planning.

I hope your weekend, holiday or not, was great and don’t poo-poo the memory apps, you never know what will pop up.

ps. here are a few other pictures from Aug/Sept 2012, I did a few photo shoots that month..

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