A weekly update

I have not blogged in a week

Want to know why?

Nobody wants a blog about a spread sheet, an action register, dishes that need to be cleaned or have been cleaned – ditto with laundry and all other things.  Just know that all those things have happened

We  did actually go to a fun thing last weekend!  We went down to a lovely little event about 3 hours away.  It was small enough I think I talked to everyone there and totally enjoyed the experience.  We actually went because Niamh was getting a children’s fighting award and she was super excited for the recognitation.  It is hard to totally love camping events because the fun is always bookended with packing, setting up/taking down, and laundry to recover.  This event was on the damp side.  Great weather in the day but the dew was soaking so every hem, cuff and shoe were soaked.


Last week I felt virtually corporate with all the meetings and follow-ups but I think that was the biggest planning week for the campaign and after labor day it is rolling out and my job is to make sure other people do the jobs.  I’m really really lucky that the heads of the groups all seem motivated and talented so my job is going to be fun.   The meeting yesterday though had me awake at 5am thinking about everything so I’m back on the work super early routine so I can do my volunteer work and my paid work and last of all my house work (ha!).  With the kids in school, I am actually making headway on the project list but never as fast as I wish.

Today we have girl scout plans, tomorrow more meetings, Thursday a school board meeting and Friday plans to visit friends.  The weekend is supposed to be a ‘holiday’ but we have no big plans.  We might do a dance practice and that will be new and different…

That is what is going on over here while the kids are all enjoying school!  They are enjoying it by the way, totally love most of the stuff and even ok that the school is still mid construction so not as easy to get around as normal.

I need to get back to the lists.  We had hail damage so next up is finding someone to do siding and roofing – yippie!


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