More important, the second day of school

My kids started school yesterday.  All of them.  I’m going to let that sink in because there are people reading that probably remember when I had 3 under 5 and the thought of school was like a distant mirage…

On one hand, I’ve gotten pretty used to having them around – managing the fights and redirecting the energy to something useful.  Them going to school now is like I’m actually losing some helpers!  I can totally understand the LIttle House books that have 7-year-olds staying home to mind the kids so parents can work in the field.  The right 7-year-old, that is a true consideration.



Niamh is actually happy to go to school, her face is because we insisted she brush her hair and wear shoes.  She also couldn’t find her shoes, shoes she was told to find the day before… so had to wear different ones


On the other hand, I really like the routine of school.  It isn’t just that they are ‘gone’ it is that there are predictable times.  I can work with any schedule really but the summer was all about constant change schedules and being spontaneous is fun for a while but I’m happy to know that at 8:40 we walk out the door and at apx 3:45 they will be back.



Zoe was up and dressed at 7am, she loves her custom backpack


I have had kids in school for years so I have been easing into this but last year Fiona was 3 days a week, so, that first day didn’t feel odd but the second – this feels weird.  Don’t worry, I’m not at loose ends, I have project lists both big and small and this week my goal is to get all of the things I’ve been letting slide get done.  Massive piles of laundry, finding the garage, putting away the bits and pieces of summer.  Next week I need to look at what is in storage and figure out how to not undo all the staging but also live in the house in winter.  Finally, there are a few bigger projects for the house I need to research and actually do.  I assigned Lars some youtube homework to learn how to do a few little things we need for a minor bathroom redo.



Fiona can spell her name really, but, is very focused on doing a lowercase ‘a’ and therefore forgets about the rest of the word.  She gave up the quest for a sabertooth tiger backpack when she fell in love with the $12 emoji backpack.  Thank goodness for impulse love.


The other reason for the title is that the first day has so much energy that it can’t help but be good.  The second day of school is much more telling.  Zoe and Fiona loved everything, Niamh is still not so sure since 4th grade has some more changes but she will get it.  I am really glad they are generally positive, it will make the rest of the year easier if they like to go to school.


and now I can’t deny it, I’m not a stay at home mom – I’m a housewife!  I need to go wife the house some 🙂



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