It was a really nice 2 weeks disconnected from the majority of the world and reconnecting with friends and family.  This year was easier than others because A. kids are bigger and when everyone uses the toilet everyone is more happy.  and B. I brought a nanny who was a perfect addition to camp and helped me make sure the kids were taken care of.  Because of A and B I was actually able to do a few fun things for myself like go see friends and sit and chat/sew and I also got to go to a day long fiesta that started with a tournament, continued with a happy hour, picked up the kids for a court (like get awards not sue others) and sent them back again while husband and I got to go to see a friend in a vigil and then a surprise for Lars at another court.  It crossed my mind to worry about the kids but I knew they were all ok even though I was gone most of the day.

This, like most SCA events, is not really vacations like with the relaxing and the sight seeing but I love that it is an enclosed microcosm.  I can walk everywhere I want to go, I never have to worry about what is for dinner, I know 1 in 10 people I pass and that itself is marvelous after living so far from people I grew up with so I never know anyone locally ‘forever’ like I do at Pennsic.

I still didn’t get to any classes and I missed half the battles because there was still plenty of work to be done.  I co-ran the camp and there was always something to work on not to mention cleaning up after my children (and self) so our living in a 12×16 tent was not a pigsty.  Even with a nanny kids need parenting (and nannies need breaks) so while friends were going out for things I was getting kids asleep but this year, once they are asleep they tend to stay that way so I was able to go out later while Grandparents kept an ear on sleepers.

The weather was a top reason why this was such a nice year.  It rained epically 2x but other than that it was truly pleasant.  Not too hot, not too cold, and the sun was not blinding most of the time.  Frogs might have been living in our camp, but, I’ll take this weather anytime.   We also met some new and fun people and that always makes things better to add new stories to compliment the old standbys.  Finally, the absence of any true problems absolutely contributed to the positive year.  There were no breakdowns, or drama, or even much bad temper from the camp, and the children generally behaved too.  Nobody got hurt and I didn’t even notice too many cases of ‘wine’ flu.  The sad exception was one person who arrived getting sick and really had a bad week but we did what we could for her and to her absolute credit she did the best she could.  I hope this didn’t ruin future pennsics for her….

Travel was actually really good.  We hit the road at 12:30ish EST and got to our house at 11:59 CST.  We only stopped for gas, I made food as we went, and we did dinner take out.

Today I got up to bring Nanny home (not delivering a kid at midnight) and we need to unpack and get back to real life.  I spent an hour or so going through email and in the next week I need to;

  • get our front bumper replaced – it was hit before we left but the body shop didn’t have time before Pennsic
  • school shop for all the things
  • attend a back to school night on Wednesday
  • attend a VoteYes meeting, also on Wednesday, did I mention I’m running a campaign?
  • attend art in the Park event Tuesday that the Mom’s club is running
  • school board meeting Thursday
  • final moms club summer social on Friday

and that is just this week!  Next Monday kids go back to school so I also hope to fit in a fun thing or two also.

Also, apparently while I was not looking at news, the news got crazy.  I’m not sure if I should be more concerned with NKorea pointing things at us, or, internal political crazy.  Maybe dig a bunker needs to also be on my list…  I’m going back in my cozy bubble of post vacation happy, pre busy week prep, and last week of summer bliss.

4 responses to “Back!”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Sounds like an amazing trip actually- very good. Relaxing at times! We are off to Euro Disney tomorrow. ..agghhh😀😀 very excited


  2. fancypaperblog says :

    As regards N.Korea, I can nearly watch the news. When will that guy (those guys) stop the big mouthing? ?😨


    • kateluthner79 says :

      I soooo don’t know. I live really far from both coastlines so I hope we are safe here regardless. BTW, my bail out plan is to go to Ireland, since I was born there I can work and my husbands job is in demand there too. I also still have plenty of family in Dublin …Not that I’ve given it real thought…..

      Liked by 1 person

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