A well rested post

I just noticed that my two last posts were ranty and sleep deprived.  Sorry about that…  Hey, someone mentioned to me that I seem all “supermom” do it all so those two posts should help with that I guess…

Anway, I nearly slept all night – only one person waking me up because they were itchy but I went back to sleep and woke at the normal time.  Last year camp week was our early week, but since I had been waking up at 6 to work before they got up at 8, this camp week I’m sleeping in until 7 (because I work when they are got) thus making it feel much more restful than the rest of the summer so far.  Oh!  I just counted, summer is more than half over!  I have mixed feelings on that point, I enjoy them, I love doing fun things with them but I miss the school week routine and they do tend to fight at least one epic battle a day.

When I put this camp week on the calendar I didn’t know that we may be moving.  The plan was to use this week to do a ton of work, both catch up and pre do, organize house stuff and sew for the children who constantly grow.  When we put our house on the market there was a question mark about if this may be the week we actually moved.  Now, in the reality of this time and place, I am doing neither precisely…  Our house went on the market just in time for the lull so no action there.  Since we did so much work early in the summer I don’t have any pressing organizing, and, my fabric is all in storage.  I still have kids that grow so yesterday I got a pile of fabric and I plan on sewing as neatly as possible.  I am very pleased with myself for doing nearly all the work I can possibly predo for my clients and I can have an honest vacation at Pennsic.

The greatest part of camp week is actually that they really really love the camp.  They have tons of activities and I was a little worried it would be too ‘the same’ as last year but they have a different theme and that drives enough difference to be fun while still keeping the things they looked forward to.  Great job YMCA.  I also enjoy that I have a little vacation too, I can’t just eat bon-bons but I can do things at my pace and to completeness without pausing for anyone else.

I do have a dentist appointment today so I need to get rolling on making the house ‘perfect’ just in case someone wants to see it.  Can you tell I’m not super pumped on the selling things?  I don’t want to rant again but this process is pretty rant worthy… maybe tomorrow 😉  On the other hand, I’m glad to not be moving this week as well as trying to sew and get ready for Pennsic…


3 responses to “A well rested post”

  1. kkessler833 says :

    That is great that they love the camp! Great post!


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