If you want children, look for this trait in a mate

Ah, the click bait title…

But this is real advice!  If you are young and thinking “is this person right for me?  Right to have a family with?” Obviously, there are LOTS of things to consider but I bet you already know the basics like caring, conscientious, ability to hold a squirmy person, knowledge of what end to diaper…

Well, this is my addition to the list;  One of you must have the ability to deal with puke.

So have the conversation early before you are both gagging and unable to go into the bathroom that is covered in vomit because the toilet lid was down.  You must also have the ability to be calm and comfort a child who may puke on you.  This starts early, shortly after birth, and that is the training time because returned milk/formula is not so bad in the spectrum of things that can come out of a person.

We did not have that conversation but lucky for us, one of us is ok enough with it.  (It is me by the way)

This PSA is brought to you because of my glorious Sunday night that started with ‘my tummy hurts’ at midnight and included 2 kids puking every 10-20 minutes.  On the bright side, we also have 2 bathrooms and most of it got into the toilet.  I got zero sleep from midnight to 5am but I was there for them and I know they appreciated it.  They are old enough now that I could give them TV and crackers at 9am and go back to sleep and we are all back to normal today after a calm day and early night.


ps. just because your mate is a nurse or doctor does not mean they are automatically ok with puke.

pps. Since I just looked all this up on various medical sites the basics are;

  1. it takes 12 hours of intense vomit to dehydrate a child over 2 (babies are different)
  2. it is common to vomit every 10 min for up to 6 hours
  3. do not give any liquid until you are puke free for an hour

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2 responses to “If you want children, look for this trait in a mate”

  1. stillorphans says :

    This is soooo true! At least one of you has to be able to deal with it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fancypaperblog says :

    Brilliant. How many people clicked to get the magic spell?😊 very true though


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