Archive | June 5, 2017

Looking a the last week of school


rolls of tape used; 2

bags of trash removed from house; 9

trips to storage; 12ish, Lars does most of them now


Today is the last Monday of school, they are done this thursday.  As always mixed feelings from all of us.  Vacation is always nice, no worries about carpool or mean kids at school and endless ‘free time’ but they always miss their friends and structrue of the day every day.  We have a busy summer planned, it was busy even before we decided to sell and buy a house so now it is packed. (lol).  I hope that they mellow into the endless weekend of summer and don’t drive me crazy with fighting or taking the house apart.

Speaking of house, we have turned a corner in the staging thing. I’ve gotten to every room in the house, even the laundry room, and most of the major re arranging is done.  There is still tons to do but the house is looking really nice now instead of a dissaster zone of painting and packing.  It has been tons of work but that isn’t a surprise to anyone.  We even managed to have our kid triple birthday yesterday and because our house is 2/3 empty it was really easy to tidy up before and after.  The party yesterday also reinforced how we need more central space because all 15 people crammed into our kitchen space was really hard.  Yes, we have 2 other floors, but like a pack nobody really wants to be the one to stray into a different room.  Eventually, people spread out and the weather broke so our deck was useful (it was 90 degrees the past few days) and it was a nice party in general but we really really need more gathering space.

This week I have a scholarship presentation, a well child check, a Moms club board meeting, the last day of school picnic, and friends coming to stay because we are all going to the same wedding this Saturday.  I also need to finish the house, get the pictures done, and pack to go to NY next Tuesday!

I’m out of time in my pre-wakeup office hours and we need to get the kids ready.  Niamh is going to the state capitol for her school trip and I have coached her to reply to them asking “any questions” with “since there was a budget surplus why didn’t you choose to fund school better?”  I really hope someone has to look at a group of 3rd graders and tell them why they have to have an underfunded school that has to lay off teachers yearly because whey I tell them my only answer is “I don’t know”.