Archive | June 4, 2017

Playdates for the win

I nearly forgot!

Last weekend we had a really good day fall together on Memorial day.  I don’t super celebrate because it isn’t so much a celebration day but it is a day off and people did fight and die so we could enjoy the freedom and I’m sure they would be mad if we just mourned all the time.

Anyway!  Niamh was invited to a playdate at her friends and when I talked to the mom she said she wanted ALL THREE of the girls to come over.  I confirmed thoroughly but in my head, it was like finding hundred dollar bills on the ground!  I baked a batch of cupcakes the night before and was looking forward to my free 3 hours.

However, that was not the only playdate…  We had an open invite from our friend who also just got a puppy to come over for a puppy playdate.  He also had totes to lone us and a garage to store some stuff so we arranged for Monday mid morning to go visit him and the pup.  His dog is a giant breed but they are the exact same age.  They got along really really well and we grilled in honor of the holiday and had a perfect little visit.  It is so fun to see puppies play, cats might be better in so many ways but dogs are much more social.


The day rounded out really well with packing getting done, major pieces of furniture moved out, kids happy and well played and the puppy too.  Happy Memorial day all, a week late.