Archive | June 2, 2017

packing hacks

I’m sure this is out there tons of places but I never saw it specifically called out so worth putting up here just in case any of you are moving.

  1. Blankets and Pictures; Blankets take a ton of space to pack alone, pictures need a ton of cushioning.  I wrapped all our big pictures in smaller (kid/sofa) blankets and put them all safely and efficiently in a box. (sorry I didn’t take a picture but it would look like a stack of angular blankets)
  2. ceramic and grocery bags;  As I was packing small semi-breakable items I wished I had newspaper to wrap them but then I remembered that I have one billion grocery bags.  Grocery bags are about as good as newspaper and cleaner and when I unpack I’ll have a billion garbage bags.  I feel clever and green

grocery bags as cushion while packing.