Archive | May 17, 2017

Can I clone myself?

That Friday was a doozy.  Not only was it the day we let Mr Pink go, it was also the day Niamh wanted her ‘special day’ meaning she didn’t go to school and we just did stuff the two of us alone.  I asked her if she really wanted it the day we had to go to the vet and she told me she would rather have the balance of good and bad then just the bad.  To her credit, she was upset but once we moved on she was ok and it was a good idea to have fun things to look forward to.  We got our traditional pedicure, did a bit of shopping, and just had some time together.

Friday part II was not mellow at all, we had to pack up for an event and hit the road by 5.  Good thing we have event packing down to a science more or less but now with the new wrinkle was getting Prima to her weekend puppy sitter.  Good thing that dog is social, she was very happy to hang out with friends and we are all happy that she does not cry all night now.  We got to the hotel and kids went to sleep with no issues, I took a moment to reflect that hotels used to be the worst, and then I went to sleep too.

The event we went to is a high stakes one, in the SCA this is the tournament that the winner will be the next King and Queen and while that is really fun, it is also a giant job and I had volunteered to be head of staff for 2 different couples – both of whom had great chances to win.  Just like any competition, there are jitters and energy bouncing around and this was no different.  In the end, neither of my horses won the race, the winner was an absolute dark horse but a great guy and I’m happy for him.  Once it was over we all could start looking at the next few months with certainty because there was no more ‘if crown’ questions.  The other cool thing is that a friend volunteered to take the kids to the hotel to go swim so I had a little time where I was not the parent.  I love my kids but everyone needs a break!  Best part, we could pay the sitter in beer and she is 100lb so that is a single beer 😉

Saturday night was spent hanging out with all the people.  It went a bit late… that’s the way things go.  Mothers day was a bit of a loss because of the event and the Lars stayed up too late thing.  The girls tried hard but there is no relaxing day for mom when we need to do the uninstall process from the hotel and a 5h drive home.  We side tripped to check out a camping site and it was a good decision with a great result but again, not very fun for mothers daying.  Finally, home and I wanted to crash but remember that ‘now we can plan’ thing?  Yup, no way I could nap when there were so many details I needed to get working on.  I also had to go procure the right birthday items for Zoe, bright spot – stores are pretty empty at 7pm on Mothers Day.

Monday was a tipping point in my sanity because I needed to be 3 places at the exact same time;

#1 Zoe’s birthday and she wanted me to have lunch with her and I wanted her to have a great day including pancakes for breakfast and her pick for dinner and a generally festive day.

#2 School Track and Field day from 9:30am – 11:45 for Niamh and 1:15-3:10 for Zoe.  Conflict – Zoe’s lunch period is at 11:20

#3 The stager from the home selling team was scheduled to come at 4.  The house was not exactly awesome when we left on Friday and only got worse Sunday for dumping everything.  I also had a mountain of laundry so I really count on Monday’s for getting my world on track.  No Monday at home = issues all week

It actually worked ok because there was a massive rain storm that canceled the second half so I got to lunch with Zoe and get home to bake for her and clean enough and Lars did some laundry but it was an 11 for stress for the day.

Tuesday I couldn’t get much done because swim lessons and then the skies cleared and they put field day back on for the afternoon so we had another day at school.  Today we went to school AGAIN for the afternoon for Fiona’s end of year party.  Talk about a busy week and I’m not even touching the fact that I have a list taller than I am of things to do for the house to show well.  And no, we still don’t’ have any idea where we are moving to, the real estate person didn’t get back to us for a few days there so we are a week behind looking… I think we might look on Monday?  Don’t actually know for sure.  We also might just end up building anyway but I have to do the due diligence of what is available.

Tonight I have to keep going on the list.  I am going to focus on getting the kid wardrobes updated from sizes and seasons and packing up all the not needed things so the closets can look perfect.  It needs to be done regardless and tonight is the night.  I really want to be on the other side of this all, it is not fun to live in the land of indecision and uncertainty yet with a giant list of things to do on top of all the normal things because there really isn’t anything that I can cut out to create more time.  So, if anyone knows how to clone, I’m interested~