Archive | May 12, 2017

Mr. Pink has crossed the Rainbow bridge

It was planned, we made the decision on Wednesday but didn’t want to rush him.  His renal disease has been making his life worse and worse and we did many things to buy him happy time.  Over the past month, he has declined.  I gave him a pass the weekend of puppy, thinking he would rebound, but, he was actually starting the check out process.  Not eating much, not coming out like normal…. the signs were clear.  It was a hard choice because some parts of him were still fine, but less so every day.

He was pet and pampered to the best of our ability (and his tolerance) right up to the end.  He didn’t even cry in the car, a sure sign that he was not himself.

Niamh wanted to go with us, Zoe did not.  She wrote him this letter that really does show the way of it.img_2742.jpg

There may have been a few days left in him, maybe, I’ll probably always wonder but we are going away for the weekend and I can’t leave that for someone else.  Monday is Zoe’s birthday and that is even worse…  And we were talking days, not weeks and not years.  I can HIGHLY recommend Aminovast, I think that is what gave us nearly 2 years.  It is a supplement, you can get it on Amazon, and I could see the difference it made.

We are doing plenty of other things today, but, this was the major one.  It will be really odd to not have a cat.

Goodbye Mr Pink, you were a great cat, you came when you were called, you never ate people food, you didn’t jump up on tables or counters.  I will forgive your habit of sleeping on my pillow all day and that one time to brought me a dead mouse in my bed…  you rid the block of mice, and you would purr when you saw us.