check in

Vacation Mom and I are good for each other – she motivated me to actually get things into storage and I motivated her to get out and about on her free day.  We had fun pulling out all the things and stacking them into storage.  VM has taken away one chunk of my anxiety by volunteering to hold onto the things that I want to sell in one way or another.  Some things need to be sold at the right time of year and others need to be on craigs list v garage sale and I know we are not talking about a million dollars here but I would like a little benefit from buying well and keeping things nice.  It was a concern of mine that I would run out of time or space (or both) and end up giving up on the project but now that won’t happen!


so empty!


It was a nice day with my friend and we both felt good about what we got done.

The tizzy of puppy continues.  She wants to be with us always and it is a good thing she is cute because she is still crying half the night.  2 nights in, hopefully soon she will get the memo on bedtime.



helping pack


The end of the school year is looming, I went to my last PTO for the school year last night and I can’t believe that summer is right around the corner.  I have so much to do before then!!!  It is overwhelming to look at the whole list so today I focus on today.  I’m done with my contract work, I have a pile of school stuff to do, a scroll to finish up and I’m watching a few extra kids this afternoon.  I could write 1000 words on all the things coming up but I’ll just write them as they come.



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