Archive | May 4, 2017

Dear Diary… my week

Monday – cleaned all day, packed some things, cleaned some more.  The house did look really good

Tuesday – up super early for a teacher breakfast and then back to clean a bit more in prep for meeting with the builder.  It was an ok meeting, I’m not really sure what will come of it because he did the low ball expectations thing that was annoying but maybe he is the type to over deliver.  Regardless, it got into my brain

Wednesday – up even earlier because I had to figure out all the math for what the builder was saying.  And then I googled… and like with so many things Google tells you that you will die because of whatever but this time they scared me with a horror show of things that builders DON’T include in their price.  Then I made a giant spreadsheet of all the things that I want to make sure ARE included but now it is silence from them.  The waiting game continues.  I was over tired and stressed out after 3 nights of sub par sleep so I took a nap and the world was better.

Thursday – Baby day!  I drop the big kids at school and collect our baby friend. Today we went to Costco and then the park and finally he woke up enough to really play so we did and now we are home.  My to-do list is stalled on house selling things because if the builder buys it, it is ‘as is’ but that still depends on him offering something reasonable.  I do have an eclectic list regardless – I need to do birthday invite printing/pickup, a school board meeting, swim lessons, my workout, drop off a bunch of cable equipment*, and, follow up on a few things.  2:30 pm, I’ve been up for 7 hours and have a solid 9 to go.

Tomorrow is a BIG day because we get our PUPPY!  Zoe can’t wait and is counting the seconds. This morning she said “I’ve been waiting for this my whole life”.  We are also having our friends visit for the weekend and have a bunch of fun planned.  All the cleaning on Monday has mostly stayed ok so tomorrow morning it is just the usual tidy and then make up the guest beds.

Busy weeks are nice but I could use a bit more certainty soon…

*for another post, but, we have cut the cable and moved to roku and so far so good.