Blog official…

2 major things I never thought I would be talking about;

#1 – much to Zoe’s glee, we are welcoming a new family member.  Personally, I’ve been fairly against a dog because of the work/poop/hair/travel issues but there was a perfect storm of a few friends being cool with pet sitting and the arrival of a hypoallergenic, low shed puppy from a friends dog and a moment of weakness….  So dog arriving early May.


#2 – In a random turn of events we have gone from talking about doing an extension on our house to selling our house.  Seriously, this is a very big surprise to me, I literally just recycled a ton of boxes because I was cleaning the garage and now I’m asking friends to save boxes for me.  This is no small undertaking because we would not just be buying a house, we are also selling a house and to sell the house we need to half move out before we list.  We would only move in the same school district so yes, I might be moving under a mile, but that still means I need to pack all the things.

So in those two paragraphs, my life has turned sideways and upside down in the matter of a week.  We do need the space but we need to find a place that also has all the things we love about this house.

We have talked to a real estate person, we have gotten a storage unit – that is as far as we have gotten but for a decision made under 5 days ago it still feels fast.


2 responses to “Blog official…”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Wow that is big life decisions! I wish you all the best with it


    • kateluthner79 says :

      Thanks! We are looking at houses with land so maybe we can get chickens or maybe a goat. A cow was suggested and I’m not sure I’m ready for that, if I do I’m calling you for tips.


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