Adulting all month

Spring is just the season to get things done.

I have been ruthlessly pulling apart nests of things in the rooms and putting them back together.  I already posted about finally getting a working stove and vent AND an emergency washing machine purchase.  Today I got a contractor out to look at our roof soffit issue and since he charged by the hour and figured he could fix the (very poor) roof patch job I did last year if I had shingles I ran out to Home Depot and got just what I needed in under 20min.  That is probably a Home Depot record!  I also scored a deal because they happened to have an open bundle of the type I needed and sold it for a nice discount.  They do go the extra mile and it pays to ask the silly question like “I really only need about 9 shingles”.  The entire experience cost under $200!



see that shiny thing under the eve, that was my ‘fix’ to keep the birds out.  now it is fixed for real


Another disgustingly easy thing that I have been putting off; metal scrap recycling.  We had 2 dead grills and a large piece of bent patio furniture and misc other metal bits just hanging out in our yard and garage.  I saw a post on Facebook about a guy looking for metal and sent him a message and within 5 hours his trailer was full and my yard was empty.  So Easy!  Technically I’m giving away money with the transaction but I didn’t have to pay and given it has been years and I have not disassembled and sorted by material and brought them to the scrap yard yet, I don’t feel like I am going to any time soon.  This guy is welcome to it.


Finally, I solved a vexing problem – what to do with dead clothing.  I can upcycle with the best of them but I’m also limited on time and space and there are only so many projects I can absorb into our house.  I DO NOT want to just throw them away to be in a land fill, so, after much internet research and personal calls I have found that you CAN bring fabric item like ripped t-shirts, things stained beyond repair, single socks, etc to Goodwill in a bag marked “recycle fabric” and they will take it to be recycled.  I’m pretty sure it gets shredded into insulation or ripped into rags for various uses but again – if they get some money for it; they are welcome to it.  I am glad to not be filling the landfill with leggings with holes.

All week I’ve been repairing the damage to the party clean house that a long weekend at home creates.  Last night I did what amounts to an abb workout by scrubbing my entire kitchen, fitbit even gave me credit.   I’ve been letting the little girls room go focusing on other places and it has been really really bad.  Yesterday I took all the toys off the floor (after many many warnings) and now they are in a big box and bag in my room and when they sort them out, they can have them back.  No complicated earning them or anything, just put them away.  Anything left by yardsale time is gone (June).  I think they have plans on woking on some today after school, I like that THEY are planning it no me nagging them.  Slow progress but progress.



toys! toys for sale!


This weekend the plan is to get gardening and the weather is looking good for that.  Tomorrow I have a work thing and my endless to-do list that seriously just spawns new items.  Friday I’m thinking about stealing Niamh out of school for our special mommy day, we both need the break from the routine I think, I have sure earned it.


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