Archive | April 17, 2017

very short multi religion scene

The weekend was full of ups and downs but just in case I don’t get to all of it I wanted to share one tiny bit;

At Niamh’s birthday, we had 3 guests.  We did ‘make your own pizza’ and when I had everyone seated and served with drinks etc there seemed to be an odd pause when nobody knew when to eat.

I gave a blanket “say whatever you need to before you eat girls” and immediately my girls did our thing, our Muslum friend had a short song/prayer in a language I don’t know, our friend with Japanese roots (but not looks) says her Japanese phrase in about 3 seconds, and finally our last guest muttered something fast and sounding like the traditional grace but for about 20 seconds we were quite multi-religious.

Then they all devoured pizza and cake – two universal foods.