The balls in the air

Whenever I get blog silent its usually because I have too many balls in the air.  There was one point last week that I thought I was without a project, but that moment passed.  I’m in the middle of quite a few and more seem to be joining the party.

The last I posted we were expecting a new oven and I was excited because it was scheduled to arrive earlier than I had hoped.  It came MUCH earlier as it happens since the delivery window was 9-12 I was not expecting a call at 7:15 saying they were an hour from my delivery.  Um… I am not ready!  I have not hugged the stove goodbye, more importantly, my cookie sheets were still in the drawer!  This is what you get when you expect the world to run late and figure you have 3 more hours.  I rushed for nothing in the end because while they could deliver the new stove they could not take the old one because it was still hooked to the gas – my next scheduled appointment was from 1-4 for the plumber to install the new one.  He too was quite early, getting there at 12:30, and I was actually not even home since I had to do a few things at the school that morning.  No worries, I could text Lars to meet the guy and I was there to see the final install.  They also took away the old stove so I would call the day a success in the end.  Now I have a fancy (intimidating) new stove and ovens (yes plural!) but I can’t figure out how to make the timer work so I need to read the instructions.


Next up was the hood and the HVAC guy was late but that worked out well because I could get all the dishes done and moved away from what I was imagining was going to be a messy work site with all the drilling through cabinets and walls.  It was a false start though because we had missed a detail and had to go back to looking at the roof options.  Reschedule for a week so he can get his roof cutting tools but that option ended up being easier than he had expected.

Tuesday we also met with an architect.  She is a feisty lady who took a tour, gamely stepped over the chaos of kids rooms, and requested to look at our breaker box first thing.  Her visit and the stove install were fairly coincidental because we have been talking about building for years but we are being very cautious and no further momentum until we check with banking etc.  I told her that it took us 2 years to get the stove and she shook her head and hugged me and patted my head – I have a feeling she has seen our type before.  Incidentally, our HVAC guy recommended another contractor so now we have two options when before we had none and we were looking!  Like when your single you are not attractive but get a boyfriend and all the guys hit on you.

Today I worked all the paid work, finished signing tax papers, and progressed Niamh’s room redo 10 clicks.  The weekend work I planned was another false start with a snafu with her new light fixture so we lost some time because you can’t organize in the dark.  It was actually a good delay because I got 100% of the movable items out of her room and she and I together sorted.  There is a nice bin to yardsale/donate and a very full trash bin.  Zoe was the rock star of “I’m not a baby so I don’t need this” and really kicked off the donate push.  Niamh still wants all the nursery things but I have a few plans on how to keep the memories for her.  Right now we are in the worse before better stage.  I have a firm deadline though, she is having a birthday sleepover in 2 weeks.



the worldly goods of a nearly 9 year old


As if that were not enough projects (stove, vent, room redo, builders, party planning, PTO events) I added on a sewing project with a deadline of next week.  I’ve got the three dresses mostly done, each night I’ve been making button holes and sewing buttons and doing letters so 2:3 are ready for the final seam and I’m working on the last set of buttons tonight.  If I get really adventurous I might make something for myself maybe.



any guesses what the third will say?


Finally, to throw a wrench at us, the house is rebelling.  First we find some animal damage on one of our roof eves.  I looked carefully and we have no new residents that I can see but I think there is some water damage so to the insurance company I go and set up meetings for this week to check it out.  Second a pipe decides to burst – a very minor one, one almost set up as the weakest link because it is an outside pipe with a shutoff right down the line.  It had a bit of a dramatic water spray all over Lars but a plumber will be here Saturday.  Something about spring gets things going.

I’m also attempting to keep that 10k step goal, some days are easier than others but I claim ‘me time’ to do a workout when I’m really low.  My lists are ever growing but better to be busy than bored but if you don’t hear from me for a week assume you can probably guess that I’m either cleaning or organizing or talking to a contractor or driving someone somewhere or sewing or cleaning some more or installing light fixtures or climbing on my roof to scare racoons away or reading my oven manual or working out or planning a party or maybe just hiding in my room reading a book.


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