Soon there will be a new hole in my house

Don’t worry – will be done by a professional!

Remember last year when we said we were going to get a new stove because our oven had started to play the ‘choose your own temp’ game?  Well, we were set to buy one but then we thought – wait, we should get a faucet because this one is not working well (and starting to leak) and maybe the sink and probably counter tops but wait, if we redo the counters should we consider different kitchen layout and maybe an extension?  Yes, my thoughts are run on sentences.  So looking for a contractor and the possible budget lead us to do ….. absolutely nothing.

(We did fix the faucet)

However, a year later, our oven is still 20ish degrees off and now one of the burners has given up the will to live, so we are just DOING IT.  I clicked buy now and we wait… The delivery window is the next 2 weeks.


There was one thing that we decided we should do with the oven purchase (short of a full remodel) and that is to get a real stove hood that vents to the outside air.  The open concept of our house his nice for many things however it is not nice that cooking smoke, and the occasional capsaicin bomb, end up in our living room because the bottom of the line recirculating fan that came with the house does nothing.  We have an HVAC guy we love, and he and I discussed venting options;

  1. Me – out the roof?  Him – sorry, can’t get to the attic space above the kitchen (and I hate roofs)
  2. Him – out the wall back wall? Me – that goes into pantry
  3. Me – can we go sideways over the cupboards and out the side of the house?  Him – yes, that will work!

Solution in 5 minutes or less, now all we need is a good day for him to drill a hole in the side of the house…  He has done this before, not just because he is a professional, but he did our furnace last year and installed a neat white exhaust on the side of our house that makes interesting patterns in the ice of the winter.

Since starting this post yesterday, and pausing for Fiona and many many other child and household related things, I got the call that the oven is actually arriving Monday!  That means only a few more meals to work through the old dog, yippie!  I should give the thing credit, it is probably 20 years old or more, no idea if it was original to the house but it was here when we moved.  It has cooked many fine things, burned very few, and overall did a good job.  (the vent hood on the other hand has been non grata since the beginning).

The new stove features a double oven and I’m excited to be able to save energy by using the smaller oven most of the time.  The negative reviews were along the lines of “small oven only large enough for a frozen pizza” and since that is exactly what we put in the oven that counts as a positive for me.  If you think about it, most of what I bake is not much taller than a pizza – baking trays of various kid foods or roasting veggies, casseroles or pie… tons of what we bake fall into this wide yet short category.  I’ll have to see where the bread and cupcakes fit but lucky for us, the lower oven is just a tad smaller than our current oven so I see not reason to worry.  Full review when the thing is actually here.

But, and there is always a but, where to put the pans that lived below the oven?  I don’t know, but, I am hopeful that I can find someone handy to install a toe kick drawer and use some of the wasted inches (4 to be exact) under our cubards to store the cookie sheets.  Trying to avoid a full remodel is hard but I’m doing what I can!

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