Archive | March 6, 2017

checking in about checking out

This weekend I semi-hibernated because at 10pm on Friday I ate a candy a friend made and lost my crown.  I don’t even really like that type of candy, I just really wanted to try it….  The good news was my nerve is quite alive under its tooth igloo, but, I’m very much not a dentist because no matter what product I tried I could not get it to stay put so it was a bad weekend for me.  I ate soup and read my book and not too much else because even talking hurt

Today I got it fixed in under 5min.  Just like that my face, neck, jaw, not to mention tooth pain disappeared!  Great news for me and everyone around me who had to deal with me in pain and hungry!

The bad news was that I didn’t get much done in prep for going away for a few days so that was the rest of today and my plan for tonight.  Spring break is so ‘wild and crazy’ around here with all the laundry and packing.  Time hop has been reminding me of the past years fun – last year today we were in Texas and two years ago we were on the way to Florida to arrive late tonight.  The year before Lars was in Fl for his step dad’s funeral and we stayed here and had a home-cation but still fun because my mom visited. 10 years ago I was in China…  Not too bad for a normally dull time of year.

Tomorrow we have the morning so I’m sure I’ll get what we need done and packed and I’ll  have one more road trip picture to add to my collection.  This year we are staying practically local, just going over to a big waterpark hotel thing about 3 hours away but of course, we are going with Vacation Mom.

I don’t know what my blogging time/access will be at the park so check for picture updates on Instagram but otherwise I’m checking out for the rest of the week.  I’m also going to finish this up fast because apparently there is major weather coming; hail and maybe tornadoes, so I should quick make some dinner just in case we lose power.


(nothing like a cliffhanger ending)