Archive | March 1, 2017

The Poop Game

Is poop funny in your house?  It is endlessly funny in mine…. Well, to some at least, I get a bit at the end of my rope but, I also find it funny in some context.  I’m not a big fan of it in person, but, cartoon poo is the best type.  ::aside:: in an attempt to curb the potty talk we banned it unless in need of using, or, actually in, a bathroom.  General backfire because the second we entered a (usually public) restroom, Fiona would often start to list every potty word she knew…

Poop is also funny to adults, especially a particularly prankster friend who decided to give Lars the Poop game for Christmas.  I have referred to poop talk as ‘inappropriate’ in general and mentioned that this game was from Tom, and they put the two together when they found this game in the trunk of the car.


In reality, it is a decent little game.  You need to be able to read, or, have someone willing to read for you since a bunch of the cards come with conditions on their use.  They are usually something silly like “make a fart noise every time you play a card”.  The majority of the cards are numbers, all 5 and under, that you play out against the “Toilet” card that has a goal number on it and the other cards are uno like with skip and reverse.  If you are the person to go over the toilet-goal number you have overflowed the toilet and you have to pick up all those cards.  To win the game you need to play all your cards.  It was easy enough for Fiona (4) to play if we read her cards for her and Niamh and Zoe (8 and 6) both got into the strategy of it and the mental math was fun for them.  Definitely a sneaky way to get math into a game for sure.


For a game that is branded with potty humor it actually does have a place in a game shelf.

Zoe did a thoroughly funny job explaining the game so I am posting this for your amusement.  BTW, totally unsolicited by the company, we just like it and I had to share.