Cookie cookie cookies

You know when you look at empty weekends months in advance and decide to sign up for a few things only to find out later you signed up for way too much?

Yup, that was me!  Cookie booths – selling girl scout cookies at a business location – was not a thing when I was little and when I heard how many cookies got sold I mentally noted that it was the place to sell if I ever had girls that were in girl scouts.  And now that I do, and they do, we are in our second year of booths and might have done too many this year.

The mistake was doing 2 in a row.  I think we could do 1 with no problem, but, I somehow did Saturday and sunday.  Zoe was wilting by the end.

The positive was that since the troop has so many booths, the kids are more spread out so the cookie per kid ratio is much better.  An average booth seems to be 80 boxes in 2 hours, a good one around 100.  The key is having the kids ask every person, not just sit at the table.  When they stop asking, people stop buying.  Both booths this weekend were around 100 and with only 4 girls at each that put my girls over their first goal mark.  They still have inventory and are happy to sell but the pressure is off because they both ‘made it’.

The unintended consequence of this exercise is a very real lesson in not judging people by age, race, gender, fashion sense or level of cleanliness.  Zoe isn’t shy but Niamh kinda is but with cookies on the line they talked to everyone.  The guy who could be cast as  “in a gang” right down to tattoos and cut?  No worries, he wants 5 boxes.  People 10x their size?  Not a hesitation to talk to them.  7 Asian businessmen not speaking English?  They listened to the tiny girl and not only got a box on the way in, they got 5 on the way out.  We are in a quite safe place, in the daytime, with adults so I don’t fear anyone either but I’m happy to see zero hesitation from the girls.  We even had at least 5 different people try cookies for the first time ever because they were invited to so nicely.

Personally, I don’t love selling things but these semi sell themselves.  The kids are working hard and so am I and so are the leaders and moms.  We should have a party when it is over, we earned it.



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