Friday already?

I let the whole week slip by without a post, I’m out of practice or something.

Other than my nonMonday followed by a Monday like Tuesday, I have had a fun and fairly social week.  Back to the stay at home mom thing, I never have a problem bringing the kids out, sometimes I would choose to limit the outings depending on moods etc, but, there are very few places I don’t bring them.  On the other hand, when I don’t have them, I somehow get stuck at home.  My routine of going out apparently requires me getting 2+ pairs of shoes on feet because with just one pair the pull of staying in the house is insane!  I need to get over that because next year I won’t have kids during the week.

This week was not anything out of the ordinary, but, I’ve somehow run us into a very hectic evening schedule that is on the crazy side.  Monday and Wednesday used to be the jujitsu nights but now we have added Fiona swim lessons on Monday nights and Niamh and Zoe lessons on Tuesday.  Thursday we are still doing the ab class (and now I can really notice a strength difference) and after either I have a board meeting or Lars has a guys night.  Friday we either go up to a friends house for a standing Friday visit, or, end up having a school or SCA activity.  Saturday we are either out or have people over and Sunday I have a yoga class and usually we have a set of friends over to play a legacy game (one that evolves over weeks and needs the same players).  Sounds kinda fun but kinda exhausting right?!?

The swim lessons are over this week but we got another session right away because everyone was making good progress and another few weeks they will really get it but if we stop I feel like they will go backward.  In a scheduling twist, Fiona now also has lessons on Tuesday and so I get to go to the Y at 11 on Tuesdays and again at 4:30!  At least I get my Monday nights back?  If you are looking for me, check the spin bike with the good view of the pool.  Our Y has a very nice 2nd floor that has ‘windows’ to the swim area below.  I like to watch the girls in their lessons, but, most of the (very nice and new) equipment has GIANT screens at about face level that I can’t see over or around so my only option for working out AND watching is the spin bike.  It is a good fitness option, just not a comfortable seat for 30 min.  I’ve found myself watching the pool in general as swim lessons are not all that interesting, and, I think I’ve created a 1 sided romance between a lifeguard and a very tattooed man.  He likes her (I think) at least he makes it his business to stay near her and splash her and try and get her attention constantly.  I think hitting on someone at work is very very rude, it isn’t like they can leave!  To her credit, she more or less ignores him.  My own little soap opera, what more can I ask.

So that is my world at the moment.  I’m getting my workouts, the house is even reasonable since my ‘one thing’ a day project is showing results.  I have a new way to get some house keeping out of my children; I assigned each room a number and they roll a die for it.  Odd rooms get attention sometimes but they need it too and I float between the 3 helping and focusing on cleaning for 15-20min as a ‘team’.  Who knows how long the interest will last but I give them the illusion of choice, they can roll the dice or they can pick a room.  My to-do list is still pretty long so while I’m waiting on work to roll in I think I will start the next project or two, just wanted to check in with my bloggy world.

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