#1 reason I like being a stay at home mom

Random school days off!

Yes, I believe today is presidents day but what was Friday? Next week they are also off Friday and the entire week after and the Monday after that. I know school age care is actually really great, good enough that my kids occasionally request it so they can play with school friends, but I’m really glad I have the ability to be home.

This weekend we enjoyed the spring equivalent of an ‘Indian summer’.  Is there a term for it?  It was 60 degrees and sunny most of the weekend and predicted warm most of this week (today is raining).  The kids are LOVING the ability to just go outside and I don’t even really mind the muddy mess that they are creating everywhere.  A fast thaw like this creates giant mud pits.  All the neighbors and friends are out too, at least half my Instagram and facebook posts were people enjoying the outside.  We biked, the girls did the door to door thing selling cookies, and we took plenty of walks around just enjoying the air (and hunting new Pokemon).  Snow is predicted for Friday but that is really not unexpected in February, so, we enjoy what we can.

The weekend also had a surprise child outing with their Frant (friend aunt) so with only one child I did a deep dive on their messy room.  We are trying some more organization because I had been just putting any small figure into one of 5 containers BUT when they were looking for someone specific all got dumped on the floor in the search.  Our new theory is animals in one set of containers, humans in the other and we had to have a cross over container because of mermaids – human or fish? Fairies? Winnie the Pooh?  Donald Duck? There are also some odd characters that I don’t know what they are, but, they are not animals so into the ‘fantasy’ container they go.  1 day later and they put them back by type so let’s see how this goes.  (by the way, I’m trying this because we have had good luck with dedicated containers for Barbie and Pony and furniture so this is hopefully building on success).  I know, how exciting is my life, but they truly play with all these toys so often I want them to be able to take care of their space.

Today was more cookie booth and a bunch of little things.  I need to get to the library but with the rain it feels like a snuggle and watch tv day.  My Monday is not really my Monday, but, they are enjoying playing with each other and that makes the loss of my order ok (enough).


One response to “#1 reason I like being a stay at home mom”

  1. fancypaperblog says :

    Frant- a nice new word that I plan to use😊


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