So I was mad at the internet….

Unfortunately, too much of my life is wrapped up in it so I’ve been making do with my limited wireless and junky apps and it just seemed like a kick in the pants when the (alleged) answer to my prayers arrived



eyeballs are an aftermarket accessory….


and made me have ZERO wireless!!!

So if you have an iPhone and can’t connect to your multiband TP-Link booster, what worked for us finally, was to make sure that you have the right options checked for the ‘primary’ band and ‘boosted’ band to match.  iPhones are selective like that.  Long story short, I’m happy to be able to check my email from bed.

Very glad in fact, because I’ve contracted whatever kennel cough the kids have been passing around for weeks and I just want to stay warm in bed.

However, progress must be made in life, and I successfully got my weekly contract and volunteer work squared away.  I’m looking at a disorganized crazy kids room as my afternoon project.  I am hopeful that this weekend we will feel ready to tackle the biggest project in the house… the office…


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