Internet frustration

I am frustrated with our internet….

  • First it has started getting smaller and smaller.  I tease my parents that the internet has tides because it really does ebb and flow in their house and I think I’m beginning to believe my own nonsense.  The internet has slowly receded in our house so now it only works in our main areas.  This is insanely frustrating because I like to check email and facebooks and blogs before I go to bed or when I wake up.  I got a notice from my wireless that I’m over 75% of data use already because I keep using it in MY HOUSE!
  • Earlier this month it was out for a day.  That was annoying.  It was at least not my major work day so just frustrating in general…
  • Today it went out AGAIN in the middle of me doing something time sensitive.  I called and got the ‘we are working on it…’ line and 4 hours later it is back, but, I had my day really really packed with hows and computer work stuff and I am not happy to have my day flopped around.  I used my time to clean things that needed cleaning but I really hate my plans getting derailed.
  • Two apps I use all the time are fritzing out on me.  Wordpress won’t let me upload pictures and Facebook won’t let me get into the pages I manage on my phone.  Both super frustrating because I like to do bits of work from the gym on the elliptical…
  • I’m also frustrated with myself for being so dependent on this interntet.  My audio book is only part downloaded, my music is via pandora and so is my news.  I could go tune the radio in but I would have to seriously dust it first.  All my work is tied to internet and so are the majority of my social connections.  I DO go out, but, for all the far away people I can’t just jet around the country weekly to say Hi.  I was also planning on researching ‘wireless strength’ today, using the internet, and that has to go on a list for tomorrow because there isn’t even a book in the library that would cover that and I’m short on time today…


So that is my vent.  Obviously it came back.  I got 2 clients done and I’m waiting on one to do his work.  On the positive I didn’t have to worry about stopping work to do my 250 steps per hour.  I also have a super clean bathroom and I did a good job on our hall, a spot I almost never clean thoroughly but since I had time….

It wasn’t really super bad, but here is the cluttered and dusty and snow boot dirty hall;


And here is the after I rehomed the extra sweatshirt collection, moved out the random pocket debries, moved the bag collection to where it belongs with grocery bags heading out to the car, and, I dusted the pretty things I like to have in the hall.


This space is enemy #1 in our house because it is so small and people get whacked by doors because they are taking off boots but for want of a builder we are semi-stuck with it.  At least now it looks nicer for the moment 🙂


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