Monday not Monday

If there were stats on things I blog about, my Monday issues would be top ten.

Kids have off AGAIN.  Technically last week they went to school, but, Niamh was sick so I had one child home.  Next week they are also off on Monday…  This is a nice thing to have time off together because Lars had today off too (something I always forget so it is a nice surprise), but, it messes up the integrity of my Monday.

On the up side, we went to a new workout class that Lars really loved and I’m fine with.  Something that hits both of us well is rare so that is great.  The kids played really nicely all day and I got a bit more work than I expected done even.  I was not feeling ‘right’ this morning so Lars took kids off to go sledding and I read and slept and feel rested if not ‘right’.  Fiona’s swim class was good and I got a nice little walk while she swam.

On the down side, being off my game never feels good. I only got one load of laundry done.  I lost the key to the gym lock and didn’t even want to mess with somehow getting the spare from home etc (Lars is out) so just asked the lady to cut it off.  Apparently, this is very common and I’m 3rd today.  I am glad that this was a minor blip and I hardly feel bad about it even.  Sleeping for 2 hours in the day means not a lot of other things got done but there is always tomorrow.  Fiona was sick over the weekend and feels better but is also not 100% so I’m

The weekend was mellow and fun.  Babyshower went over well, mom to be was happy.  Played some games, did a bit of housekeeping, replaced a kitchen light (thought it was a bulb, ended up being the fixture) and now the kitchen is brighter than the sun.  Kids had a bit of a hard weekend playing together and Fiona was sick with what Niamh probably had the week before.  The random germ seems to be fast, with a lousy feeling and then a medium fever all within 24h and then fine the next day.  I’m expecting my fever to start any time now and looking forward to being better tomorrow.  To that end, I hear peppa pig ending so I’ll bundle a fed, washed and very tired Fiona into bed and pre drink some fluids.


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