If you are friends with an Optimist

I’m not sure if optimism is something I choose or was born with or developed over time but I’ve come to self-identify as an optimist.  At least 85% of the time I try and see the positive, the good in things.  Occasionally I get the opposite swing and wonder why I do things or try or bother etc but it is a thankfully rare thing for me.

As it happens I went to a big event this weekend and was glad to see everyone.  There were people there that had not been around for ages and my only thought was “Great, I’m glad they choose to be here this weekend!”  I actually didn’t end up talking to them much, but, I was glad to see them.  After the event many of us went out to eat and my original reservation for 25 turned into 45 and that was fine, more people to chat with and I got to really talk to someone I only passingly knew before.  She is kinda my opposite, she is awesome, but, thinks all people suck unless proven otherwise.  I don’t know if I’ve spent too long with little kids but you are my friend unless proven otherwise.  That’sI  what brought this up in my mind to ruminate over…

Over the years I’ve found out that plenty of people gripe about me.  I gripe about other people too.  Some people do things I don’t like, but, I usually generally still like them.  The people that I was glad to see at the event, I’ve been told, are people that don’t really like me but I’m not sure they even really know me?  In my optimistic opinion, it does not even matter because I’m happy to see them regardless.  There is another person I see often who I know was very mean behind my back but if I always avoided her I would have missed out on the many conversations on travel, something we both thoroughly agree on and have both gone to some of the same obscure places.

I have a feeling that this is getting convoluted but here are a few insights in more simple form;

  1. To an optimist things are good, even if they are pretty bad – something is decent
  2. you are my friend unless proven otherwise
    1. even if you are proven otherwise, I will sincerely hope for the best for you because things just might change.
      1. some of my best current friends are people at one time I really didn’t like to start.
  3. When in doubt I smile and try to find the way out
    1. this does not mean I’m never mad or sad or scared or frustrated, it just means I don’t think that will last forever.
  4. In a sucky situation, I will be making a positive plan
    1. this looks like spin, it really isn’t, I actually believe the best might be right there for us to find.

Some people think I’m nieve, some people think I just don’t see the ‘real world’ but I do, I just choose the optimistic way.

Occasionally I feel like this blog needs a disclaimer – nope, my life isn’t perfect.  I choose to hold on to my positive experiences and let things like explosive kid poop in a bed just fade into memory (unless it is funny…).

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