3rd Monday this week

I’ve said it a million times, I may be alone, but I like Monday!

The first (real) Monday was a step forward out of the sloth of vacation.

The second Monday (yesterday) 2 of 3 kids went to school and I did all my normal Monday housewife things but none of my work things.  I even played a rousing game of ‘what smells’ fridge edition because no matter how clean you leave it, 2 weeks just makes things funky…

The third Monday (today) I buckled into my desk chair and got a ton of work done.  I also got to do one thing off my fun list; shop for my friends Baby Shower!  Her sister is really the lead duck, but, I’m happy to help and excited for her party next weekend.

I am hoping that I can get into the grove of winter now.  Outside is frozen, I’ve mapped a path in my house for 250 steps, and I’m starting the project list.  My new bullet journal is started and I even have a plan for food for the weekend with houseguests and going out etc.

This is not the most exciting post, but, this is me right now churning through the first of the year things like taxes and organizing and things like that. I’ll do my best to schedule some fun asap.

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