First post of the year!

It’s a bit intimidating when you put pressure like ‘the first of the year’ on a post, makes me almost feel bad that I’m just blogging like normal ūüėČ

Yesterday was (another) relaxing day however after a few of those in a row relaxing starts to just feel lazy and the house starts to close in on me and I long for my normal routine.  I have a bit of the best of both worlds today because the kids AND Lars both have today off too BUT I declared last night that we were getting up and getting out to the gym.  It was not easy, however, we were there on time and I thoroughly enjoyed my first workout class of the year. Now Lars is organizing lunch for the kids so I have a bit of time to follow up on some computer things (and blog).

Post gym was a grand inspection of all things we need for the coming school week. ¬†I have snow pants to fix and they have hats and gloves to assemble and we need to shake the sand out of all the backpacks. I don’t know what bottom grade thread they use on snow pants, but, every year I end up hand sewing every seam with heavy duty invisible thread. ¬†Gathering all the other bits and parts today is a hope that tomorrow we won’t be crazed looking for these warm things we have not needed in 2 weeks.

The fun continues! ¬†I decided to just to laundry day tomorrow so today we get to do all the sheets and I’m going to use my child labor to sort laundry. ¬†Yesterday I assembled a cubby shelf for a crafting spot in Niamh’s room. ¬†We have acquired¬†a large number of fiber tools and they have been homeless too long. ¬†The original plan for leaving Niamh’s bunk like a loft was to use the under space for craft storage and that is finally coming together.

It is still a vacation day but I’m not letting us be lazy today. ¬†I am ready for an exciting January, I joined a fitness tracking group, kids have swim lessons, my meetings are lining up well and I have a plan for this weekend house guests and the event this weekend. ¬†The only loose end right now is trying to get help finishing a project for this weekend since the original person is not replying but I have other options and I’m sure it will work out. ¬†Worst case I do it myself, it won’t be as good but it will be easier!

I hope you are taking this first Monday of 2017 well.


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