Nearly ready

I have fit clothing, gifts, and assorted items for a family of 5 into one checked bag and 2 carry-ons. My sister has laundry, and, is my size so I plan on borrowing anything I forgot and/or didn’t want to use space on.  We are also going to a place with only one temperature so everyone just has tank tops and shorts and they don’t take too much space.

The house is better than normal, we are in process of getting the trash and dishes done and I got a good hit on most of the house today.  Work is in general good order, I expect to do some while away but that is how working for yourself works 🙂

The kids are very excited.  I’ve overheard songs and play games all about travel and airplanes and beaches and today when they packed some toys for the trip there was real discussion about who would go to avoid jealousy in among the ponies.  The highest rank ponies are the lucky chosen ones, if you were wondering…

Snacks are packed.  I got yogurt tubes of 2oz each to get past the TSA.  There is nothing worse than hungry kids. We are also working hard to eat all the cookies etc in the house that are open.  No real worries because our house/cat sitter(s) know where we keep the cookies too (and are welcome to them!)

The car is arranged for 4:30am and right now I’m not frantic at all.  Things are in hand, dinner is planned, I have a few more things to do but nothing we can’t get done in the next few hours.  I have neglected exercising, but, packing and cleaning counts and my steps are decent for the day even without a formal workout.

Everyone wish me luck taking 3 kids on 3 planes for 15 hours!

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