Friday updates

nothing super exciting happening here.  We have a busy night tonight with 2 things semi-conflicting, but, we worked it out.  The weekend should be full of getting ready and holiday cheer.  This ‘normal’ week has been nice for getting things on track and I needed it!  here is a fun picture of Niamh’s hair, I love the clip in color, it looks awesome on her.


In other generally dull news here are some updates/happenings for those of you who need something longer to read on a break in your day;

  • The dishwasher magically healed?  Or I cleaned it enough that I got whatever the clog was out.  All hail the shopvac!  For good measure, I did the baking soda, viniger, and boiling water trick too.
  • Hot tub – fixed – it was a switch that got crudded up because of our hard water.  Oh well, fixed now and I do enjoy having it back.
  • Cutting the chord.  I guess I didn’t tell the beginning here but I got mad at our cable company for all the normal reasons.  I’m definitely not the first nor the last.  I know that there is a price that will make you go to a company and a price that will make you leave.  I am now firmly in ‘leave’. Lucky for us, a ton of others have blazed this path already so it really is not a hassle to dump the cable and phone.  We expect to do it post-holiday travel though, just no time between now and then.
  • Since I’ve been watching the hour for my fitbit I’ve made improvements on that stat. That tells me I sit by habit too long.  If the kids are home I have no such troubles, 10 min sitting still is a lot if they are all home!
  • Fiona overnight dry is in process.  We have mixed results.  On the bad side there was the 3am wake up.  On the good side, there were a few totally dry wakeups.  In between was waking up wet, but, at 7am.  Not a win for dryness, but, a win for sleeping mom.
  • Christmas card address, envelopes, and cards are actually in my hands – they will get put together tonight and hopefully mailed tomorrow.

So thats the run down off the top of my head.  My brain is a series of lists, my house is covered in lists of things to do or bake or check.  Far better than dull!


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