The oddest things happen at 4am

Remember how I said I hate 3am wakeups?  I really do… Last night I had a double with kid with a cough and then a swimming pool of a bed.  We had a few dry nights… Anyway, I just could not go back to sleep so I got up.

The world is pretty quiet at 4am.  It is very dark.  I told myself there are plenty of people up and getting ready in the world and I was just going to use these hours.

I powered through a pile of work so I can actually enjoy my vacation without contract work hanging over my head.  I updated addresses and in the process ran across a friend’s blog and read the update on her life.  She is stuck in the open face sandwich… It’s similar to the ‘sandwich’ issue of taking care of young kids while taking care of very sick parents HOWEVEVER timing conspired and she got the parent side of the equation and is too busy to get the husband and kid thing.  Anyway, I gave her a virtual hug and was very glad that I had the time to.

6am rolled around and the small people started to rustle.  Zoe came tiptoeing down to find me, all tussled and in pj’s, and she sat on my lap, and watched and learned about copy-paste and spreadsheets as I wrapped up work emails around her.  It was nice to have a little cuddle zone with just Zoe for 40 minutes.  We talked and ate a banana and since I already did most of what needed doing we could just look at facebook.  I got a reply from a cousin on her address and had a quick chat, I love the tiny moments of communication that facebook facilitates.  By 7am the crew was up and I took a shower because by then I was really tired but there is no point in going to sleep then.

I never shower in the morning, it also meant that I had to blow dry and it was actually nice to have shiny straight hair (that I put up into a pony).  Zoe also did a shower and a blow dry so two of us had unexpectedly great hair today.  Coffee saw me through the driving portion of the day and then Fiona and I actually got a ton of stuff done because I knew if I stopped, I would not start and I had my first CSA dropoff at 12:30.  We cleaned, did laundry, went to 3 stores and finally the drop-off and waited there 40 min so now my car is very clean 🙂

We got home and ate and then I crashed.  1.5h later I feel human enough to keep on with the day but I have my eye on a 10pm bedtime.  Even with the zombie feeling, I feel like this morning was a weird gift because good things kept happening.  But like a gift… I hope it stays unique and occasional!


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