Dawn of December

In under 2 weeks I will be gone for 2 weeks!!!  This is my last ‘normal’ week of 2016. So many people are mad at 2016 but I’m ok with it.  No need to repeat annoying elections, tons of celebrity death, or a variety or world wide terror next year, but, all things considered, I’m in as good or better a spot as 2015 and looking forward to keeping the trend for 2017

Every year I’m gone for 1-week for Christmas, so, I should be more used to this and I’m sure if I look back the front end of December is always a crunch zone.  I put off the Christmas things because I want to enjoy the end of summer, back to school, fall, Halloween, thanksgiving and now the BIG event for kids and travel and the world around me is dancing at the end of this calendar page.

Calender… today I finished the massive family calendar that I love/hate to do.  There was a terrifying moment that I thought I lost it all but it was ok.  I also put together our Christmas card and ordered both for 5pm pickup today.  I love instant printing!  The cChristmascard is devoid of santa this year because we mised him coming to town.  Oh well, still like the card!  Between those two things, 3 hours of contract work, and my own things on the computer I did a lot of sitting today.

Sitting…. Fit bit wants me to do 250 steps an hour.  I don’t think its exactly cheating to notice that it is 5min til the next hour and then go upstairs and run from my bedroom to the livingroom room (15 steps) and back (30) ten times?  I don’t think it is exactly as intended, but, I have at least done that 4x today.

Over the weekend we got the decorations up.  We went to a really awesome christmas party that one of my clients puts on.  Kids played in the snow (that is now gone already).  Generally did ok with just the regular fights of kids etc.  I didn’t really get ahead on any of the things I wanted to but I’m also not behind.

How are you doing with December and all its varied needs?



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