Last day!

woo hoo!  I blogged every day!

I also, you know, did things in real life too.  Sometimes those two things linked up, sometimes they did not.

Last night I folded laundry until midnight and the only reason I kept going was because I fold on my bed so I can’t go to sleep until it is done.  I always pay for not keeping on top of laundry (or anything). I still have more to go because I ignored the sheets/towels/wash cloth basket and I didn’t actually hang up my hanging stuff.

In other annoying news, my go-to gift for my grandmother is now a hassle again.  I make a custom calendar with pictures of the family and all the birthday info etc and for the past few years the birthday info has rolled over.  Not so much this year…  So I spent some time shopping around for a new site because I would stay loyal if it is easy, but, if that is gone I need to survey the field again.

Continuing this gripy theme, our hot tub, 3 months off warranty, has developed issues.  Works fine for a bit then you drain and refill and something goes wrong.  Last time it somehow magically healed by the time the service guy came out but this time it isn’t healing and we had to wait nearly 2 weeks for a service call.  Very annoyed.

Finally, in the streak of annoying things, our dishwasher won’t drain?  Rather new development and we keep doing the ‘maybe this will help’ solutions but we are at the point of calling a plumber.


I hope to have positive outcomes to report on the near future on all things but right now I must go deal with them.


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