100% vegan turkey (craft)

Last year I did this too, but, it is so easy and the kids love it that I did it again.




The center part of the ‘turkey’ is a large lunch bag.  I filled it 3/4 full of popcorn and crunched the end in on itself and rounded out the edges.

The legs are actually made from brown packing paper that came in an amazon box but could easily be from a strip of brown grocery bag.  Last year I used small lunch bags but I didn’t have them on hand this year.  My parents actually brought fancy turkey chocolate pops so I put them in the legs but you can fill them with anything.  To make the shape we rolled the paper around a beer bottle, removed the bottle, then filled, then folded then end in on itself.

To make the white pretty end this year I used coffee filters that I cut the ends into a frill, but, last year I used normal white paper.  I taped it shut around the ‘leg’.

I pulled out a tray, plopped the ‘body’ in the middle and squished the legs into it and it looked pretty natural. They are not even stuck together, just pushed into place.  I think that will work better for eating it tomorrow, zero risk of ripping the bag of popcorn open when a leg is pulled off.

Other Thanksgiving prep is underway, we have all the food in the house and plans are detailed.  Shopping was no problem and we found everything we needed in under 2 hours.

Now we just enjoy company and cooking!


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